HUGHUB & WPS Analytics

Introducing WPS Analytics

HUGHUB are excited to announce a partnership with World Programming to support our drive in transforming the digital insurance market. 
Embedding WPS Analytics software into the HUGHUB platform opens new doors to delivering an improved, truly digital customer service in claims management, and an increasingly sophisticated approach to pricing modelling.
Our unique combination of business and delivery expertise, coupled with the use of the WPS Analytics platform, and their leading data science and engineering capabilities, provides a powerful team to help design and deliver your business’ data and analytics visions across claims and pricing. HUGHUB and WPS; reducing claims costs, improving operational efficiency and supporting effective pricing for HUGHUB customers.


  • Providing your agents with automated claims operations and recommendations
  • Video analysis and voice sentiment, deception scoring to help informed decision making 
  • Automatically assess likelihood of bodily injury, fraud and recovery to reduce indemnity spend
  • Fraud hotspot highlighting 
  • Sophisticated approaches to pricing that include simultaneous modelling, low penetration segments, dynamic re-pricing and risk-based approach to model revisions.