HUGHUB. The intuitive customer experience

HUGHUB delivers a dynamic experience across transactional journeys – from the customer’s first interaction, through to purchase and service of all their ongoing protection needs.

Our insurance customer portal has been designed to offer an optimised user experience, driven by data, insight and understanding. Personalised to the individual, responsive to their behaviour, powered from our single customer view.

HUGHUB uses data intelligently, ensuring customers feel known, recognised and valued. For example, pre-populating forms (with previously supplied personal data), to save time and hassle and making the self-service experience easier.

Creating an individual customer experience, using their individual customer profile to drive relevance across messaging.

  • Providing differentiation through innovative capability, ease of use and excellence in service.
  • Personalised home insurance advert example for Jonathan
  • Personalised family insurance advert example for Jonathan
  • Personalised pet insurance advert example for Jonathan

Customers feel known and valued.

Laptop showing the customer portfolio view

Customer portfolio view

HUGHUB creates for you and your customer a singular view of their relationship, brought to life within the customer portfolio view – where the consumer can easily view and access all current and previous quotes or policies held. HUGHUB also provides a family view, where the customer can view those covers arranged by them for members of their family.

Laptop showing other cover view

My other cover

With HUGHUB’s My Other Cover, the consumer can input or upload policy information from other providers to establish a complete view of all their protection in one place – whilst for you, creating a powerful prospect tool.

An omnichannel experience like no other.

HUGHUB is a customer-centric business platform, delivers a seamless, intuitive experience that consumers have come to expect from all online retailers – engaging, relevant and resonant to each customer as an individual.

Delivering integration across customer channels – whether digital, mobile, direct to your brand or contact centre. Providing increased breadth of product portfolio.

Breaking down the barriers to providing all protection needs in one place – general insurance, life insurance and health insurance.

Creating an intuitive environment, built to increase conversion and cross and upsell, whilst improving retention.

  • Enabling self-management from initial purchase, through ongoing servicing and renewal.


Laptop, iPad and phone screens

Ultimate convenience.
Simplifying the customer experience.

Indicative quotes

HUGHUB also delivers ‘indicative’ quotes across core products, proactively generating pricing by using previous data, which can be communicated within marketing activity and on your site. Providing a product price-point and encouraging greater propensity to convert. All indicative quotes are retrievable within the Agent View.

Retrieve quote

Delivering retrieve quote functionality across products – increasing conversion for you and helping customers to easily view previous quotes.

Laptop screen showing the retrieve quotes page