How it works.

Our solution brings together the best of new technology, creating an environment that harnesses the full power of your customer data – delivering competitive advantage and improved performance.

The insurance customer portal is designed to offer an optimised user experience, driven by data, insight and understanding. Personalised to the individual, responsive to their behaviour, powered from our single customer view.

Built to be performance-driven, enabling continual optimisation of the customer experience and marketing activity – from simple reporting, through to customer analysis, segmentation and modelling.

HUGHUB is built on a foundation of valuable data and its application – providing an aggregated view for both consumer and broker.

  • Driving intuitive customer experience
Hand holding a phone showing the responsive platform

Single Customer View (SCV)

  • Personalisation of the platform is driven by a single, consolidated view of the customer, across all data sources
  • Resolving data siloes and linking previously disparate information – such as on and offline data
  • Unifying separate policy systems, such as product holding, servicing and even claim data
  • Tracking customers and their communications across every touchpoint
  • Creating one complete data picture for each individual
  • Enriched with ‘valuable’ external data – such as renewal dates, car ownership and lifestyle indicators

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Automated and targeted communications – delivering efficiency and performance
  • Across multiple channels – direct communications (via email, SMS, post) and interaction within the HUGHUB portal (onsite re-targeting) and the contact centre or branch (inbound prompts or outbound)
  • Personalised to the individual, synchronised across multiple communication channels
  • Delivered through a range of marketing ‘triggers’ – proven through data, insight and customer behaviour. Relevant, responsive and impactful
  • Across the customer lifecycle – from awareness, active consideration, conversion, upsell, cross-sell, retention and advocacy, to win-back

Customer experience 

  • Intelligent customer portal – user engagement recognised, known and valued
  • Omnichannel experience – delivering integration across customer channels. Digital, mobile or direct through your contact centre or branch (through our Agent View)
  • Providing increased breadth of product portfolio – making it easier to promote additional products, in a compliant way
  • A dynamic experience driven by customer data, insight and performance measurement
Computer screen showing the platform homepage


HUGHUB has been built using the latest tools and applying best practice and has been architected to deliver performance, scale, maximum extensibility and customisation for every customer.

We have created a multi-tiered architecture, using SOLID design principles used for scaling, extensibility and integration. It uses schema-less design to allow for creation of a single customer view based on any number of disparate data sources.

Provides a dynamic rules engine and event drive data serialisation that allows our users to extend any part of functionality or UI, alongside a content management system to allow changing of any part of the user interface, when required.

Diagram showing the platform architecture

Insurance transformation

HUGHUB aims to transform the insurance sector from one hindered by data, product and system silos, to one which is integrated and intuitive.

Unifying functionality from traditional core systems and apply new InsurTech capability. Transforming multiple siloed channels, legacy applications and underlying policy management systems. Providing a single, seamless brand experience – that is easy to use and always available.

Our development team proactively identify how new technology can drive a better experience for our clients and the end-customer.

  • Transformational technology for the insurance and financial services industries 
diagram of four pillars becoming one pillar